We are always searching for new and wonderful toys, we are passionate about toys that are eco friendly for example, Green Toys use recycled milk jugs to make their toys, PIN Toys use the plantation rubber wood trees once they are at the end of the latex yielding lifespan. Companies such as Eeboo & Peacable Kingdom use recycled paper for their board games.

We focus on toys that are interactive, where the child actually has to play, construct, solve, piece together, answer, discover and most of all imagine, not just turn it on and watch it.
We are mindful that there are many birthday parties on everyone’s calendar and we stock a large range in the $10 – $20 price bracket, we also have complimentary gift wrapping & $1 cards so you can be on your way to the party with no fuss.

Personally, I love toys, I keep a slinky, hoberman sphere, humming spinning top & a bucket of kinetic sand behind the counter, you will often see me playing with one of these beauties, come in and say hello, I promise I’ll let you have a play.

Available Brands: Schleich, Sylvanian Families, Siku, Ravensberger, Heebie Jeebies, Sophie the Giraffe, Haba, Janod, Himilayan Journey, Top Model, Style Princess, Mud Puppy, Peaceable Kingdom, Fuzzy Felt, Hoberman Sphere, Rubik’s Cube, Usborne, Lapin & Me, Quack, Green Toys, Orchard Toys, EverEarth, Gund, Nici, Hello Kitty, Eebo, Tatiri, Windwerks, PIN Toys, Kinetic Sand and many more.